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Our goal will always remain the same, helping businesses create and grow an online presence that works for them. The Online Wise Guys team is comprised of small business owners and Search Engine Optimization/Web design specialists that have come together to make your online experience as painless as possible. We understand that in order for a company to grow it is essential to have an online presence that works for the business. Not every company is the same, so we strive to create an online experience that is unique to your business and more importantly, your customers. Working with businesses on a personal level is one way that we help you get ahead of the competition, it is not about getting you the most expensive service here at Online Wise Guys, it’s about getting you the right service.

Our passion for this work stems from our belief that business is not a way to get rich but a way to provide a mutually beneficial service. Online marketing in today’s day and age requires a strong online presence so that your customers can always be seamlessly connected to your business. Our focus on online marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC) and web design will allow your business to focus on more day-to-day operations while dealing with the new influx of customers.

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Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC) and online marketing are all services that we believe in. Our success is not reliant on whether or not we make a profit from a customer, our success comes when we help a business reach its goals and grow. Identifying the most effective solution for your business is critical to our success, if your numbers don’t grow then we did not do our jobs correctly. Our methods are proven and our team is hardworking, that is the winning combination we use when we approach a new client, hard work and proven methods. Our website analysis is free and it is the same tool that we use to evaluate a website. We give access to this tool because we want you, the customer, to know exactly what we see. All of our services are very transparent, we want our customers to be informed through entire process because good communication is a vital part of our work. We want to insure you that all the work that we do is what we believe is the best interest of your company.

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  • We understand the struggles of growing a business
  • We keep it simple
  • We faced the same challenges as you did at one point
  • Communication is a priority
  • Accountable to deadlines

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There is nothing more important to a business than the satisfaction of its customers, this goes double for us, we strive to have great communication so we can accommodate all of the needs and worries of our customers. There is nothing more satisfying than a satisfied customer. Our customers are our partners, and we are proud of the work we have accomplished together. A partnership goes both ways, the service we provide is not for a quick buck, our customers are reflective of that.

  • I’m very satisfied with the service I’ve received from you guys. Whether you’re a small or large company, I encourage you to give them a try if you want to get the most for your advertising budget.

    R. Fan Owner
  • You guys provided us with high quality keywords and really possess the pulse on this evolving industry. The results were almost instant and we have witnessed significant improvement in traffic and inquiries within a short period of time. You guys are doing an awesome job! I will absolutely recommend you to anyone seriously looking to grow his business online.

    M. Friedman
  • We soon witnessed higher visibility in the prime spots on the search engines and benefited from the much desired web traffic. The meticulous keyword research aimed at targeting the potential buyers looking for the services offered by our site .

    T Wodetzi
  • The cost I paid you guys practically paid for itself in four short months, I highly recommend Online Wise Guys to anyone who wants to get great results for their money. I am very happy with this company and plan to use other services they offer in the future.

    L. Kou
  • With the ever increasing competition and complexity of search engine rankings we realized we needed help in order to stay profitable. After many hours of researching companies and talking to representatives we decided to give Online Wise Guys a try. From the very first day we found their staff to be very friendly and knowledgeable, we never felt like our project was on the back burner. We were always kept up to date with their work through emails and phone calls. Best of all, after a few months we starting seeing some really amazing results. Our organic listings had dramatically improved on all the major search engines! Our website was nowhere to be found and now we are on the first page in some very competitive search terms.

    I would recommend Online Wise Guys to anyone who needs traffic from the web, these guys really know what they’re doing.

    Thank You Again.

    E Engelke
  • Online Wise Guys has really cut down my budget on pay per click and advised me of some bargain keywords that have increased our customer acquisition. You can tell they love what they do because they don’t stop until you satisfied. We finally found a company we can count on for digital marketing.

    T. Bowman

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