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Why was Online Wise Guys founded?
Our founder, Cedric Williams, is an accomplished entrepreneur with small business in more than one industry. The biggest challenge for him has always been finding his loyal customer bases. He spent thousands running into dead ends that were not growing his company. He found success when he went straight to the source. Our team of designers were selected because of our prior success with them, we were customers of everyone on our team and we invited these people to our team because these are the people that brought us results. When we put our team together it was ultimately because we want to combine ease of access and proven results.

Our biggest difference is how personally we are able to approach each client. We started this business because it is a chance to provide a legitimate service, not because it has the most monetary potential. We find the most joy out of helping your customers find you, a job well done is not only about a good finished product but good communication throughout the entire process. We make your success our number 1 priority. As stated earlier, our team was founded through experience. Cedric, the founder, used multiple online marketing agencies and going through many independent contractors before assembling the team that is dedicated to your experience. Our web designers were selected because there work is professional and most importantly timely, we take deadlines very seriously at Online Wise Guys, as we understand that a hold up on a website can slow down an entire company. We pride ourselves on producing. We don’t want to maintain a customer-seller relationship with you, we want to create a partnership that is lasting. Most of our services are recurring and need time to get done, so we make good communication a priority here at Online Wise Guys. Our immediate goal is the happiness of our customers. We establish good communication so we know what you want at all times. We understand the importance of deadlines, if you are not meeting deadlines you are behind which means you are losing money that you could have earned otherwise. We focus on communication so heavily because that is one of the keys to meeting deadlines on time. We don’t want to require too much maintenance, we want to take online marketing out of your hands and into the hands of experts. With good communication, prompt deadlines, and self reliance we hope to create an experience you would recommend and use again